Traditional Catalan and market cuisine


We prepare a type of traditional cooking, popular, with an extensive and varied recipes, as has always been done in Catalan homes for centuries.

We prioritize the quality of the product, the best culinary treatment applied to it and the authenticity of the product as Catalan.

CAN VILAFORT is the result of many years of work to convert this building, built around the year 1636, into a space made up of 7 tourist flats and designed to encompass all kinds of activities: leisure, business, cultural or sports tourism.

Located in the centre of the village of Collsuspina, it enjoys very good communication and proximity to the main cities in the centre of Catalonia (20 minutes from Vic and Manresa), but also from Barcelona (45 minutes). An offer justified, not only by its privileged environment, but also by a quality culinary offer based on the traditional Catalan cuisine of our restaurant Can Xarina.

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Monkfish with prawns and puff pastry

The white monkfish -also called sea frog- (there are also red monkfish) can be found in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Black Sea and the North Sea. We prefer the North Sea, in cold waters. It is a fish without scales, with sharp teeth and a consistent texture that lives hidden under the sandy seabed. […]

HOLLIDAYS. We open on december the 1rst

Amanita Caesarea, the king of mushrooms

A lover of good weather and its sudden rise, the king egg has an ephemeral life and can sprout throughout the summer, although the end of August is the season. It can be harvested as an egg (when it is still closed and when it is most appreciated) or when it has already unfolded its […]

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