Anchovies: from the sea to the table

In the summer, one of the most popular and most delicious products is the anchovie: a flagship ingredient of the mediterranian cuisine. In Catalunya we have a long tradition with the anchovie from l'Escala.

Rich in Omega 3 and recommended for those with high cholesterol, it is characterised by its peculiar aroma of the sea and salted fish. Fishing is concentrated between the months of March and June; they are between 15 and 20 cm long and their colour ranges from reddish-brown (tile-coloured) to a lighter caramelised tone. It is produced by means of a careful process that consists of viscerating and cleaning the anchovies, then placing them in barrels - alternating layers of anchovy and salt - and curing and maturing them for 4-7 months at a natural, controlled temperature. Once matured, the anchovies are cleaned and packed in oil for consumption.